We have a fundraising page to help 
us to offset some of the costs of fostering.

Any and all donations are welcome!  

We will also accept donations of baby 
blankets, towels, whelping pads, cat litter, 
feeding supplies, food (both canned and dry), 
cleaning supplies, cat toys, or any other pet 





The adoption application is at the bottom of this page!   

All foster pets are adopted with a spay/neuter contract.  

All kittens are adopted out with a Premium Kitty Pack!  This includes:

 *  First set of vaccinations with health record folder
 *  Certificate of health from a licensed Veterinarian
 *  Microchipped with HomeAgain universal microchip
 *  Cat toy bundle
 *  Blanket
 *  Carrier
 *  First Collar
 *  Scratching board
 *  Best Start socialization -  Kitten will be acclimated to car rides, children, dogs, and new environments!  




Adoption fee for a kitten or Mommy kitty is $50.  We require half of the cost to be paid up front as a deposit to hold your kitten.  This deposit amount is $25.  

See below for information on adopting a Mommy cat with one of her babies-  adoption fee will be waived on Mommy if she is adopted with one of her kittens to the same home. 

To inquire about adopting a kitten or a Mommy Kitty, please use the form 'Kitten Adoption Application' at the bottom of this page!  


We use HomeAgain microchips.  For more information on microchipping, click on the button below.  


HomeAgain pet microchip and pet id


                        Available cats


If you're interested in adopting Stormie, please complete the adoption application at the bottom of this page.  




We have a new foster baby! She was found abandoned under someone's front porch, covered in fleas and malnourished.  She was found during a storm, so her rescuers named her Stormie. 

Stormie is approximately 3 weeks old and will be ready to go to her new home by October 16th.  

We are a proud supporter of the non profit charity group, Voice for Companion Animals. They are located in Beatrice, Nebraska.  

VCA provides pet food, education, rescue, foster and adoptions for companion animals all across southeastern Nebraska.  

All donations to VCA are tax deductible! 

Please support this local charity!

For additional information on VCA, or to donate, please visit their website by clicking on the button above!  


Please enjoy these photos of some of our previous foster babies..
























Kitten Adoption Application

I am interested in adopting

Do you have other pets in the home?

Please note that cats are natural predators. Special precautions must be taken if you own any other small animal.

Please note that cats have claws and teeth. They can hurt small children. Children under 10 must be supervised with pets at all times.

Have you ever 'rehomed' or surrendered a pet you owned?

Please note that cats can live up to 20 years!

Are you willing to agree to keep this cat indoors at all times?

Thank you for being willing to adopt a homeless pet!